Traditional Thai Yoga is an ancient healing art which blends acupressure and assisted yoga postures. It’s sometimes called “Lazy Man’s Yoga” because the practitioner moves and stretches the recipient while she reclines on a soft mat on the floor. Every session works the entire body along energy meridians. The recipient remains clothed. No oils are used.

This powerful blend of body work and energy work relaxes and promotes a deep sense of ease. The rhythmic movements synchronize with the breath deepening your mind-body connection and assisting you toward meditative bliss.

Traditional Thai Yoga is acknowledged as an effective remedy for stress and is also beneficial for common aches and pains, loosening stiff joints and overall well being. And studies have shown that Thai Yoga promotes bone formation in post-menopausal women! Sessions can be personalized to target the areas that will benefit you most.

60 Minute Sessions: $90

90 Minute Sessions: $120

2 Hour Sessions: $150

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