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Restorative Yoga with Thai Yoga massage

I merge Traditional Thai Yoga and gentle restorative yoga to allow you attain a deep state of relaxation and emerge revitalized. You are supported by soft props in reclining yoga poses while you receive skillful hands-on Thai Massage. The props let you gently and gradually let go of tension while the hands-on treatment enhances relaxation and encourages the flow of prana (Qi). Workshop enrollment is limited to 7 participants so you receive generous individual attention. (Also offered privately and as a duo)

De-stress with Yoga

You will learn simple, gentle yoga, pranayama (breathing exercises), and mindfulness techniques to become more resilient to stress. A guided meditation concludes the workshop so you’ll leave feeling restored along with gaining strategies for keeping your cool throughout the year. No yoga experience is necessary.

Empower-Envision Yoga

Our emotional state is directly affected by our habitual patterns of thought and posture. We will combine asana, affirmations and guided meditation to uplift and develop inner fire to support positive change in our lives off the yoga mat.

Traditional Yogic Meditation

Traditionally, the physical practice of yoga is simply the preparation for seated meditation. In this workshop we combine Pranayama (breath), mantra and movement to prime ourselves for deep meditation. No prior experience in is necessary.